Education in a multicultural setting

Unfortunately, multicultural education is not as easy as a yearly heritage celebration or supplemental unit here and there. Of Stewart's 28 third graders, 23 are white, upper-middle-class children.

Rather, the individuals and celebrations are seen as an addition or appendage that is virtually unimportant to the core subject areas".

Multicultural Education in Your Classroom

This position is well developed by political philosopher Benjamin R. An Introduction to Multicultural Education. Both Wilson and Stewart took a required human relations course, but although it presented some historical information about Native Americans, African Americans, Asian Americans, and Latinos, it was silent on European-American cultures and the role of culture in learning and achievement.

I think this flexibility will help me reach my students because each year brings new students, ideas, and needs that may not be met by just doing what I have always done before.

To translate this article, contact permissions ascd. Each student has a personal, unique learning style that teachers discover and build on when teaching". I hate to categorize it but An introduction to multicultural education.

By presenting human flaws and group conflicts as well as the achievements of diverse groups, Reich believes that multicultural education teaches: A similar result happened in another study, in which the multicultural education course led to "increased awareness, understanding, and appreciation of other cultures.

It outlawed discrimination in public spaces and establishments, made it illegal for any workplace and employment discrimination, and it made integration possible for schools and other public spaces possible.

Others may be rich. Wilson doubts that he makes any difference in the lives of his students. However, the most important thing to remember about all classrooms is the premise that every child is unique. They may find that they love art and want to develop that skill or that they just like time to paint and color.

In an effort to clarify the conversation about the topic, they developed a taxonomy of the diverse ways the term was used. The books must be chosen with careful consideration over how they represent the culture it is displaying, making sure that it is void of any racial or cultural stereotypes and discrimination.

Wilson knows that they have not had many advantages, so he doesn't push them too hard. The complex dynamics involved in the processes of teaching and learning take on new layers of meaning when we stop to consider the ways in which we are similar as well as different from one another. Lastly, "The inadequacy of the multicultural education solution fails to separate minority groups that are able to cross cultural and language boundaries and learn successfully even though there were initial cultural barriers.

This is a very exciting topic that will allow me to better prepare my students for the modern world. The school library has several computers, CD-ROM, laser disks, and an extensive library of videotapes.

It includes students from varying social classesethnic groups, sexual identitiesand additional cultural characteristics. This includes restructuring classroom evaluation and punishment techniques, but, more importantly, it includes embracing difference and opening up the classroom for communication.

Build a Multicultural Library in the Classroom No matter what subject an educator teaches, he or she needs to have a multicultural library in his or her classroom. Pai and Adler noted that advocates for pluralism believe that multicultural education is appropriate for a democratic society because: A second factor is "multicultural education theories and programs are rarely based on the actual study of minority cultures and languages.

What Are the Goals of Multicultural Education?

Different ways it ignores minority students[ edit ] Multicultural education in classroom settings has been a hidden factor that affects students with a diverse culture. I picked a subject that I loved and finished a demanding course of study.

As inservice teachers, Wilson and Stewart have had some opportunities to learn about multicultural education, but these have taken the form of fleeting, one-time workshops. Gloria Boutte and Christine McCormick suggest six basic principles for teachers to use when evaluating their culturally diverse classroom, these are, "1 building multicultural programs, 2 showing appreciation of differences, 3 avoiding stereotypes, 4 acknowledging differences in children, 5 discovering the diversity within the classroom, 6 avoiding pseudomulticulturalism" Confidence was the missing element for many of my students.

If current demographic trends hold, our student population will become more diverse, while the teaching population remains predominantly white.

Running Head: Multicultural Education Patrick Boone Multicultural Education Grand Canyon University RDG May 4, Abstract This article is a response to a journal entry of a young person view on Multicultural Education in America.

considers the role of higher education and teac hing approach es in a multicultural setting. Examples are drawn from Maseno University, School of Family, Consumer Sciences and Technology.

Teaching in multicultural classrooms: tips, challenges and opportunities

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One critical element of improving multicultural education for teachers is encouraging the integration of Family Involvement into the classroom. “Multicultural education is a philosophical concept built on the ideals of freedom, justice, equality, equity, and human dignity ” (NAME, My wife works in a very middle class/non multicultural school in Hertfordshire and doesn't get the opportunities cropping up as much.

Teaching in a Multicultural Setting Students from diverse backgrounds bring so much life into the classroom. Diverse classroom environments provide wonderful opportunities for rich and varied instruction.

Education in a multicultural setting
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Teaching in a Multicultural Classroom