Horn trade legalization

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Cereal production showed a strong recovery, with a total production of 7. Dave, Coach, and Mark gives their hopes and fears about the new Jackie Robinson movie, Current issues in agricultural development The country: However, if the legal price stays high it will not stop poaching as there is no incentive for poachers to halt their activities.

Swaziland acting as 'puppet' to South Africa in bid to legalise rhino horn trade

Will Travers of the Born Free Foundation makes a pretty strong case that this legalization discussion is a non-starter and counter-productive: Official procurement prices were increased and crop quotas for delivery to the AMC were reduced.

As we continue to work together to halt rhino poaching in Africa, I am confident we will break the back of this crisis sooner rather than later. Their second objection was that the trade could encourage demand: We must use our data to continue to develop strategies that prioritize the protection of existing rhinos; allow their populations to flourish into the next generations; and maintain the ecological utility and integrity of these wild animals by focusing on policies that keep them in the wild.

In addition, private traders were obliged to sell the AMC a share of their purchases ranging between 50 to percent at br 4 to br 5 more than the price paid to farmers.

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WWF denounced Chinese legalization of domestic trade in rhino horn and tiger bones

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We mustn't ignore what we do know. Had we never banned it, the price of horn would never have got to where it is now," John Hume, a rhino breeder in South Africa, told The Associated Press.

Data include non-food uses. Scroll down for a report on that. The basic elements of these proposals are: It will not reduce poaching now. Recent history has shown us that demand reduction in Asia is possible and has been successfully achieved.

Legalizing the Trade of Rhino Horn

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1 Legalizing Horn Trade as a Possible Solution to Reduce Poaching of the South African Rhinoceros

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Urban poverty is the result of high unemployment and wages fixed at low levels. The proposed regulation would legalize domestic trade of rhino horn, and allow for foreigners with a permit to export no more than two horns for "personal purposes." The draft did not elaborate on.

The rhino-horn supply-chain sprawls from South Africa, home to nearly three-quarters of the world’s rhinos, to Asia, and in particular to Vietnam, where rhino horn is coveted as medicine. Sep 01,  · Rhino Horn Trade Legalisation Of course, we will redouble our vigilance and our anti-poaching efforts and continue longing for the day when the legalization of the trade in rhino horns will relieve us from this scourge.

Should the rhino horn trade be legalized?

White Rhino. Black Rhino. Playful young White Rhino. With South Africa’s legalization of domestic trade and Swaziland’s proposal for the legalization of international trade, there is much debate over the impact of horn trade on live rhino populations.

The rhino horn farmers will be encouraging the South African government to apply to legalize the international trade in rhino horn at CITES CoP18 in Sri Lanka in May Start a petition of your own.


Those arguing for a legal trade in rhino horn are failing to recognize that legalization will push up demand. If rhino horn becomes freely available and a million new customers are created (a tiny percentage of the potential market) it would result in the complete extermination of wild rhino in less than a .

Horn trade legalization
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South Africa Considers Legalizing Domestic Rhino Horn Trade | New Hampshire Public Radio