Impact of brand sound elements on consumers

Called sound branding, audio branding, sonic branding, or acoustic branding, cognitive studies show that relevant sounds and musical cues can truly influence people in ways marketers want.

Each group heard the experimenter's introduction explaining that the researchers were interested in consumers' preferences for greeting cards and their feelings about their advertisements.

These include the words, artistic interpretation, specific memories that may be associated with the selection, type and period of music, and the interaction of all of these with the product and use-situation stressed in the advertisement. Journal of Personality and Social-Psychology, 34 5Measures were obtained between treatments, to lessen memory problems and mitigate moods of prior treatment levels.

In this situation, college students may have responded more positively to sad emotional evocations induced by music in the context of sending greeting cards to distant friends with messages like "missing you".

In the low involvement condition, they found that music which had been preselected as popular and liked was associated with more positive attitudes towards the brand than was no music.


Helping and Self Gratification as Equivalent Responses. Negative moods' effects on behavior may be more complex than the effects of positive moods Isen ; Donnerstein, Donnerstein, and Munger ; Cialdini and Kenrick Imagery and Verbal Processes.

Affect, Accessibility of Material in Memory, and Behavior: Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 40 6As noted earlier, research cited by Gardner has generally found positive correlations between mood inducers, moods, and a number of dependent variables such as evaluations. Additional references, a comparative exhibit for these studies, and methodological details are available from the authors.

You know about them, their founders, their history and often someone in your friend circle has used the products too. Equally liked musical backgrounds that differed in their profile of these structural elements were shown to affect audience moods in directions predictable from analysis of the musical structure, across a set of simulated greeting card advertisements.

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The likelihood that a host of behaviors may be performed appear to be enhanced by positive moods Gardner There may even be certain sounds your customers already equate with your brand.

The second and third cards were seen next with the appropriate musical background, accompanied by the same measurements. – The purpose of this paper is to examine the effects of brand association, brand loyalty, brand awareness, and brand image on brand equity among young consumers.

Effects of Brand on Consumer Preferences: A study in Turkmenistan Abdurrahman ISIK*, It then focuses on the brand’s impact on consumer’s favor, proposes the research questions, and outlines the data collection In establishing brand preference, consumers compare and rank.

Their research outlined various elements and barriers that impact consumers’ willingness to purchase green products: • Price: Consumers have a clear comfort zone in regard to pricing of green products. Because sonic branding practices are often perceived as manipulative by consumers, there is reason for the industry to reclaim the use of music and sound as a shared interest between consumers and companies, as something which benefits both consumer and brand.

Apr 22,  · The role culture plays in building a sound brand strategy is more important than ever. Think beyond demo and psychographic insights. While.

How Does Branding Impact Consumer Purchase Decisions?

The impact of brand logo simplification on food intake is examined. • Product prestige moderates the effect of brand logo simplicity on food intake.

Impact of brand sound elements on consumers
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