Maya writing activity sheets

Lay out the planet targets on the floor beyond the starting line. Check the final length of paper tubing to make sure it is at least a few centimeters shorter than the straws; otherwise, students will have nothing to hold onto for the launch.

It consists of twenty day-signs combined with numbers from one to thirteen. Other passive voice activities can be found in the ESL activities section and the passive voice flashcards.

Grammar Poem Lesson Plan

Well, there are some other things that engineers can do to affect thrust as well. What are the main selling points, or main drawbacks of each theory. For what reason, do you think, the cotton is added. Blast Off Procedure Have each student launch from the Earth or Sun depending on the pattern you selected before the activity using the Launch from the Earth or Launch from the Sun Sheets.

Who has been peddling it. The teacher takes the cards away.

Cinco de Mayo Activities

The Maya were renowned for their monumental architecture, exquisite art, and advances in mathematics and astronomy. Follow the video with a discussion of the questions below: That's right, Newton's third law of motion states that for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.

Conspiracy Theories are always seized upon with gusto in my classroom, and I hope these ideas lead to an enjoyable and productive discussion in your class. Encourage students to work with students from other groups who have their same role. Cut enough pieces of letter-sized paper into halves so that each student receives two halves.

The second place value is 10 times the number in that place 10 1, the third place value is times the number 10 2, and so on. To do this, have students insert their straws into their strawkets—holding onto the straw, not the paper part of their strawket—aim at a planet, and blow.

Maya Glyphs: Free Lesson Plan Download

More thanMayans living in the Yucatan speak Yukatek Mayans and most speak Spanish as a second language, primarily learned in school. Tess' engineering team must perform many complex mathematical calculations in order to design a nozzle that will create enough thrust to launch the rocket into space.

Can they name any movies with Marilyn Monroe, or the two men accused of shooting the Kennedy brothers, or the names of moon walkers. Inca Empire Test This activity is a retelling activity.

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When wrapping, spiral the paper to make a cone shape see Figure 2 ; it helps to hold it tighter at the eraser end and wrap upward. Learning Objective Materials Background Procedure Assessment Standards Activity Summary Students see how scientists began to unravel the meaning of Maya glyphs and then determine their own birth date using the Maya Long Count calendar system.

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See below for an example of how the Maya wrote the numbers 0 to They are to rewrite history. Tell students that, like U. TEACHING ACTIVITY: MAYA ART AND WRITING [Note: Some of the concepts in this lesson are based on lessons in Intrigue of the Past: A Teacher=s Activity Guide for Fourth through Seventh Grades, United States Department of the Interior, Bureau of Land Management ().

Mayan. Showing top 8 worksheets in the category - Mayan. Some of the worksheets displayed are Mayan mathematics oject and architecture alma de la raza pr, Mayan math, Incas mayas aztecs, Writingwriting in maya glyphsin maya glyphsin maya glyphs, Aztec maya olmec and incas, A multidisciplinary integrated curriculum unit for grades 58, Cracking the maya code nova activity calendar count.

Little Red Riding Hood

This activity is included in the Little Red Riding Hood literacy packet located in the printables section below. Little Red Riding Hood Word Cards You can use these printable word cards to enhance vocabulary development in a pocket chart or on your word wall.

Activity Packet about _____ was created to help you and your child enjoy reading and learning together. Start your learning adventure by reading some books with your child about this popular topic. Beverly Hernandez is a veteran homeschooler and former administrator of a large independent study program.

Use this activity to introduce students to Martin Luther King, Jr. Students will use a dictionary or the Internet to define words related to Dr. King.

They will write each word on the line next. We offer a full spectrum of free and low-cost instantly downloadable curriculum, hands-on centers, activity packs, and free printables to use for and in the education of young children ages 2 to 6+, specifically for preschool, pre-K, and Kindergarten ages.

Maya writing activity sheets
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