Relevance of lead apron in medical imaging profession

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Lead Garments (Aprons, Gloves, etc.)

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Protection From Radiation Exposure Lead aprons are used in medical facilities to protect workers and patients from x-ray radiation exposure from diagnostic radiology procedures.

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History of the American Society of Radiologic Technologists

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What Healthcare Professionals Do. For certain X-ray procedures they may also provide you with a lead apron that shields other parts of your body from being exposed to unnecessary radiation. Lead aprons are used in medical facilities to protect workers and patients from unnecessary radiation exposure from diagnostic radiology procedures.

Due to standards set forth by The Joint Commission, health care organizations must perform inspections on medical equipment, including lead aprons. State departments of health may also have.

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Lead aprons should only be given to a patient at their request and not routinely as part of the imaging protocol. The AAPM is a scientific and professional organization, founded incomposed of scientists whose clinical practice is dedicated to ensuring accuracy, safety and quality in the use of radiation in medical procedures such as.

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Relevance of lead apron in medical imaging profession
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